Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Foggy Thinking and SOTUS

Dear Mr. President,
I confess. I couldn't watch your speech. But I saw sound bites today. I was kind of wondering what world you live in. I mean, 17 trillion in debt and we don't have a spending problem already and you're going to add all these other programs? And it's not going to cost us a dime.

Really?  Who is it going to cost?  Did our land rover find a village of idiots on Mars that want to donate to our leaky-pocket government?

And what's with not having a budget?  That comes under your department. Why have you not produced a budget for congress to vote on?  Are you that out of touch? Clueless?

Naw, I don't think so. I think you know exactly what you're doing. Take Take Take from anyone who has anything. Plunder the nation. Leave us with our defenses down. Like along the border where you dismantled the Southern air command.

Not to mention the shameful way you are treating our war heroes. The Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden has been left without protection or care. All the while you take the credit for killing Bin Laden.
Can I say SHAME on you, Mr. President.

And on the shame point, what about  Benghazi? Where were you and what were you doing? From what we've learned - sounds like you were MIA.  And where are the survivors of Benghazi? Odd we haven't heard from them. Are they still alive?

Well, it's been a long day.
Hope you find a copy of that US Constitution and read it.  And Soon.

A Concerned Patriot
God have mercy on America

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