Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Foggy Thinking and SOTUS

Dear Mr. President,
I confess. I couldn't watch your speech. But I saw sound bites today. I was kind of wondering what world you live in. I mean, 17 trillion in debt and we don't have a spending problem already and you're going to add all these other programs? And it's not going to cost us a dime.

Really?  Who is it going to cost?  Did our land rover find a village of idiots on Mars that want to donate to our leaky-pocket government?

And what's with not having a budget?  That comes under your department. Why have you not produced a budget for congress to vote on?  Are you that out of touch? Clueless?

Naw, I don't think so. I think you know exactly what you're doing. Take Take Take from anyone who has anything. Plunder the nation. Leave us with our defenses down. Like along the border where you dismantled the Southern air command.

Not to mention the shameful way you are treating our war heroes. The Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden has been left without protection or care. All the while you take the credit for killing Bin Laden.
Can I say SHAME on you, Mr. President.

And on the shame point, what about  Benghazi? Where were you and what were you doing? From what we've learned - sounds like you were MIA.  And where are the survivors of Benghazi? Odd we haven't heard from them. Are they still alive?

Well, it's been a long day.
Hope you find a copy of that US Constitution and read it.  And Soon.

A Concerned Patriot
God have mercy on America

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That is not a Rainbow

Dear Mr. President,
That is not a rainbow. Those are storm clouds headed for our nation. Yep, the one you live in too. I know you and your cronies have been living in la la land. But it's time for a reality check. Those clouds mean business. That 17 trillion in debt means business. Your Obamacare debacle will kill business.

We are in serious trouble. Yet  you and  your cohorts are running around saying "We don't have a spending problem." 

Well that is nuts. 

And I see that once again, you failed in your job performance and have not sent in a budget.  Hmm, perhaps the two problems are connected. If you don't have a budget, I guess you might be clueless as to our spending problem.

And you know what? I wish that I could believe you were just ignorant.

But you are not, are you Mr. President?

It is your goal to plunder this nation. Tear it down. Take from those who build. Enslave those who are poor with the promise of a tidbit here or there. 


There is no good reason for a free people. No good reason for the USA. Only dark conclusions can be made as to why you would so plunder this country. 

Like in the wizard of Oz, we will soon see the curtain pulled back and your true intentions made known.

I am not an alarmist. But I do see the clouds. I understand the times we are in are treacherous. 

Patriots   - our help is in the Name of the Lord. Turn to Him. Repent and Pray. 

God have mercy on the United States of America
God have mercy on you, Mr. President.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Citizen Control

Dear American Citizens,
I feel the need to warn you that there are forces trying to brand, label, and demonize you in order to control the dialogue and you. Always watch what those in power are doing and saying and realize that what you see and hear are usually a mask for what they want.

Gun Control - Willing to use tragedy and take advantage of those injured, some of our congressmen trot out sympathetic people to make impassioned pleas. But if you look at the facts and reason, it is but fluff. While you listen to the flowery, teary speeches, the black hand of tyranny is behind your back ready to render you defenseless.

We already have more laws than we can enforce. The terrible tragedies have occurred in 'gun free' zones. 

While people make impassioned pleas to protect the children (by taking away our 2nd amendment right)
I wonder how many of them turn a blind eye to the 50 million children we have allowed to be slaughtered by abortion?  Get a grip people, if life is devalued by our government - what makes you think the citizens will value life? 

Watch and listen. 

There are things we can do to help prevent these tragedies.
1. Arm the schools.
2. The one common denominator, other than guns, has been the deranged factor of the assailants. We must work on mental health reforms. And we need to be very careful there too.
3. The media.  For one thing - quit naming the perpetrators.  I don't care who they are, It is enough to say that they were a deranged individual and XXX our their names.  They want publicity - why are  you giving it to them? How many of us can name the Columbine and Newtown killers but not a single name of those murdered, That should not be so.

The same for terrorists groups. Why would you give them the publicity they seek? That's nuts. Get some brains, Media. And don't try and say we want to know. You scramble to be the 'first' to name someone. Even got it wrong in Newtown at first.  TAKE responsibility.

God have mercy on the USA

Friday, January 25, 2013

Patriots - What can we do?

Dear Patriots,
Yes, we all agree our country, even world, is in a mess. Problems arise on every side. Yes, it is true we are seemingly surrounded by the ignorant and our nation run by those who appear to be bent on destroying our nation.

So what can we do? Just ranting, raging, and calling names is not enough. Nor does it work. What has the liberal left done to sweep our nation toward socialism?

Their plan didn't start today. They have patiently laid the foundation for the takeover of the USA. They kicked God out of the schools and tied our hands with politically correct language. In short, they wrote the rules and put us on the ropes. You will never win a debate by answering the others sides questions. Instead turn their questions around.

So what can we do?
  1. Pray.  As a Christian I know that God is fully aware of what is going on and who is in the White House. HE knows. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. This is where we are to begin.
  2. We must become proactive to the problems that we face.  No longer can we just sit around and state the problem. We must state the solutions. Take the PR from the left and create our own. We are the people who put a man on the moon. We can do this!
  3. State the facts. While the left may sound like they care and want to solve problems, often their solutions create more problems. EX - gun control.  The whole idea of gun control is flawed. It is not the guns that do the shooting. It is the one holding that gun. We need to take the truth and logic and reasoning and turn it. Instead of a database of law abiding citizens - create a database of known criminals. Simple. This takes away the subversive power of the left. They really aren't concerned about criminals getting guns so call them on it. We know the ultimate plan of the left is to disarm the citizens. They won't say that outright, so they devise nice sounding rhetoric that the public accepts.  WE must state the truth in a way the public will understand.
  4. Another example is the poor. How can we really help the poor and lift them our of poverty?  Obviously welfare has not worked. Dig into the statistics, show that it hasn't worked. BUT we must also have an alternative plan that will work.
  5. The same for social security and healthcare.
We can win this. 

Pray, ask for wisdom and take His truth and Good News to the streets.

Go out Patriots
Trust in the Lord
Arm yourselves with the truth
Forgive your enemies

And we will take back the land.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Main Stream Media,

You know, you guys have fallen from your status as the 'free' press. No longer do you look like the watchdog for freedom. More like a fan club for liberal propaganda. You fawn over the President as if he was your savior. No longer do you ask the hard questions, but lob soft balls at the President, sounding more like you are on his team than a free press.

Where is your fire? Your quest for the truth? 

Instead, we see, hear, and read the dimlit mouthings of a press in lock step with one ideology. 

Where are your questions on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the insane debt our country has amassed? The reporting of the ludicrous wasting of the hard earned money of the taxpayer and who is doing it. You are the fourth estate - the unelected power that was to keep the powerful honest as well as prick the conscious of this nation.

Without the press and the pressure of the press on our government and citizens, we stagnate into dangerous waters. Tyrants flourish after the press is seized. For who will speak for those under the thumb of tyranny? 

Where are you?

Who so easily bewitched you that you sold out? Who dumbed you down to entertainment and the one-sided wooden voice of a puppet?

Surely there are those whose hearts burn to write the truth. Those who see past the propaganda and desire to seek the truth. Point out the lies. Those great journalists who strive to become the conscience of our nation.

The free press is the rudder that keeps the nation on course. Without you, we are doomed to sail in a circle of drivel and propaganda.

If ever there was a time when we needed the free press, it is now.

Come away from your love of entertainment. Break away from your gossip and sensationalism.   Recognize your liberal bias. We really don't care about the Kardashian sisters, a football player's nonexistent girlfriend, or what pop stars and actors think. Stop sounding like proponents for the liberal left. THINK.

Your job is to dig for the facts. Lay aside your opinion and unceasingly search, ask, and demand an accounting from our government, businesses, and even influential citizens. 

Instigate debate. Wrestle the hard questions. Lay out for the people the choices we face. The responsibilities we need to pick up. 

Do your job. 

It may already be too late. The light of the free press may have already been dimmed by the powerful elite. Perhaps. 

But if you are out there                                                                     Now is the time to shine.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Benghazi boondoggle.

Dear Senators,
I watched some of the questioning of Hilary Clinton this morning. Hmm, was it really necessary to let her give a rambling statement at the beginning. I mean she passed double-speak and went right up to quad-speak.  I guess it takes a political lawyer to speak for 30 minutes and say nothing.

And then I wondered why everyone had to take half of their five minutes to bow before her and say thank you fifty different ways.  Goodness, you'd think she was Queen for the day.

And what is up with the five minute time limit? Four people are dead and we can't spend more than five minutes each to ask a question? And then she doesn't answer and we are on to the next Senator telling her how wonderful she is? Where is Perry Mason when you need him?

I bet a lot of people were surprised to hear about the 25-30 survivors. Where are they? Why hasn't the press interviewed them? I find that odd. Especially when the press is all over the survivors of a tragedy within minutes. Even children as we saw in Newtown, Ct.

I had some questions.

  1. Who thought the video about Islam was involved? 
  2. Who first saw the video? and why did they spend money to apologize to Pakistan about the video?
  3. And where is the man who supposedly made that video?
  4. Why wasn't help sent to Benghazi when apparently because of the security cameras our state department knew immediately that they were being attacked?
  5. How did two seals have time to go and help, and be killed, and yet our military was helpless to act? Who told them to stand down? Who is minding the store?
  6. Why did the President insist it was because of the video? Even after we know the Libyan's said it was not.
  7. Where are the survivors?
  8. Why did it take the FBI over three weeks to get to Benghazi, when the CNN newsman was able to be there and found the Ambassador's Journal?
  9.  Why didn't the state department realize that 9/11 might just be a dangerous day in the Mideast?
  10. Benghazi had come under attack before, and other consulates had closed or moved out. Why was our state department so inept as to not foresee trouble?

Yes, something smells really bad. Unless the Lord uncovers it, I doubt we will ever know the truth. Perhaps we can't handle the truth. But the blood of four Americans is on your hands Mrs. Clinton and Mr. President. And now on you Congress unless you dig out that truth.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Patriot Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. 
Let us never take your name in vain. Let us always remember Your great plan for us, this nation, and mankind. Let us keep our knees and will bent to Your Will. For only Your plans are worthy.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done as it is in heaven.
This inauguration day - we pray that Your Will Be Done. We acknowledge that all authority is from You and You hold the leader's heart in Your hands. We pray for those in authority over us. That You would lead them in Your ways. WE understand that both Moses and Pharaoh were placed in power by You. Lord have mercy on us.

Give us this day our daily bread.
Remind us that every good thing comes from You, Lord. Teach us to give as You have given us. Teach this nation, that only because of You have we been blessed.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Forgiveness is the power that frees us from the chains that bind us. As we forgive others, our own chains are cut loose.  Teach us to forgive one another.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
As our nation tumbles from what was good, teach us to recognize that there is evil. How to stand in these evil days and cling to You. To call what is evil as evil and not as good. To turn our nation back to You to discover what is good. For only You, Lord are good.

For Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory. For ever and ever. Amen
This nation was founded to be a light to a dark world. Father help us promote Your kingdom. To share the Good News of Jesus our Savior. We eagerly await Jesus' return.

Let this nation be revived. Send Your Holy Spirit to sweep from shore to shore. Blaze the prairies with Your fire of love and holiness. Call the cities to repentance and make them holy dwelling places of Your Presence. Bring this nation back from the brink as only You can do. 

We pray for revival. First in our own hearts, and then in the hearts of the people of this great nation.
Father, we give the United States of America to You.
Lord have mercy on us.