Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Main Stream Media,

You know, you guys have fallen from your status as the 'free' press. No longer do you look like the watchdog for freedom. More like a fan club for liberal propaganda. You fawn over the President as if he was your savior. No longer do you ask the hard questions, but lob soft balls at the President, sounding more like you are on his team than a free press.

Where is your fire? Your quest for the truth? 

Instead, we see, hear, and read the dimlit mouthings of a press in lock step with one ideology. 

Where are your questions on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the insane debt our country has amassed? The reporting of the ludicrous wasting of the hard earned money of the taxpayer and who is doing it. You are the fourth estate - the unelected power that was to keep the powerful honest as well as prick the conscious of this nation.

Without the press and the pressure of the press on our government and citizens, we stagnate into dangerous waters. Tyrants flourish after the press is seized. For who will speak for those under the thumb of tyranny? 

Where are you?

Who so easily bewitched you that you sold out? Who dumbed you down to entertainment and the one-sided wooden voice of a puppet?

Surely there are those whose hearts burn to write the truth. Those who see past the propaganda and desire to seek the truth. Point out the lies. Those great journalists who strive to become the conscience of our nation.

The free press is the rudder that keeps the nation on course. Without you, we are doomed to sail in a circle of drivel and propaganda.

If ever there was a time when we needed the free press, it is now.

Come away from your love of entertainment. Break away from your gossip and sensationalism.   Recognize your liberal bias. We really don't care about the Kardashian sisters, a football player's nonexistent girlfriend, or what pop stars and actors think. Stop sounding like proponents for the liberal left. THINK.

Your job is to dig for the facts. Lay aside your opinion and unceasingly search, ask, and demand an accounting from our government, businesses, and even influential citizens. 

Instigate debate. Wrestle the hard questions. Lay out for the people the choices we face. The responsibilities we need to pick up. 

Do your job. 

It may already be too late. The light of the free press may have already been dimmed by the powerful elite. Perhaps. 

But if you are out there                                                                     Now is the time to shine.  

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