Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Benghazi boondoggle.

Dear Senators,
I watched some of the questioning of Hilary Clinton this morning. Hmm, was it really necessary to let her give a rambling statement at the beginning. I mean she passed double-speak and went right up to quad-speak.  I guess it takes a political lawyer to speak for 30 minutes and say nothing.

And then I wondered why everyone had to take half of their five minutes to bow before her and say thank you fifty different ways.  Goodness, you'd think she was Queen for the day.

And what is up with the five minute time limit? Four people are dead and we can't spend more than five minutes each to ask a question? And then she doesn't answer and we are on to the next Senator telling her how wonderful she is? Where is Perry Mason when you need him?

I bet a lot of people were surprised to hear about the 25-30 survivors. Where are they? Why hasn't the press interviewed them? I find that odd. Especially when the press is all over the survivors of a tragedy within minutes. Even children as we saw in Newtown, Ct.

I had some questions.

  1. Who thought the video about Islam was involved? 
  2. Who first saw the video? and why did they spend money to apologize to Pakistan about the video?
  3. And where is the man who supposedly made that video?
  4. Why wasn't help sent to Benghazi when apparently because of the security cameras our state department knew immediately that they were being attacked?
  5. How did two seals have time to go and help, and be killed, and yet our military was helpless to act? Who told them to stand down? Who is minding the store?
  6. Why did the President insist it was because of the video? Even after we know the Libyan's said it was not.
  7. Where are the survivors?
  8. Why did it take the FBI over three weeks to get to Benghazi, when the CNN newsman was able to be there and found the Ambassador's Journal?
  9.  Why didn't the state department realize that 9/11 might just be a dangerous day in the Mideast?
  10. Benghazi had come under attack before, and other consulates had closed or moved out. Why was our state department so inept as to not foresee trouble?

Yes, something smells really bad. Unless the Lord uncovers it, I doubt we will ever know the truth. Perhaps we can't handle the truth. But the blood of four Americans is on your hands Mrs. Clinton and Mr. President. And now on you Congress unless you dig out that truth.

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