Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Citizen Control

Dear American Citizens,
I feel the need to warn you that there are forces trying to brand, label, and demonize you in order to control the dialogue and you. Always watch what those in power are doing and saying and realize that what you see and hear are usually a mask for what they want.

Gun Control - Willing to use tragedy and take advantage of those injured, some of our congressmen trot out sympathetic people to make impassioned pleas. But if you look at the facts and reason, it is but fluff. While you listen to the flowery, teary speeches, the black hand of tyranny is behind your back ready to render you defenseless.

We already have more laws than we can enforce. The terrible tragedies have occurred in 'gun free' zones. 

While people make impassioned pleas to protect the children (by taking away our 2nd amendment right)
I wonder how many of them turn a blind eye to the 50 million children we have allowed to be slaughtered by abortion?  Get a grip people, if life is devalued by our government - what makes you think the citizens will value life? 

Watch and listen. 

There are things we can do to help prevent these tragedies.
1. Arm the schools.
2. The one common denominator, other than guns, has been the deranged factor of the assailants. We must work on mental health reforms. And we need to be very careful there too.
3. The media.  For one thing - quit naming the perpetrators.  I don't care who they are, It is enough to say that they were a deranged individual and XXX our their names.  They want publicity - why are  you giving it to them? How many of us can name the Columbine and Newtown killers but not a single name of those murdered, That should not be so.

The same for terrorists groups. Why would you give them the publicity they seek? That's nuts. Get some brains, Media. And don't try and say we want to know. You scramble to be the 'first' to name someone. Even got it wrong in Newtown at first.  TAKE responsibility.

God have mercy on the USA

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