Friday, January 11, 2013

Gun control or Citizen Control

Hmm, let's talk gun control? 

Dear Government,

I decided that I'll wait until you can explain how we sold assault weapons to the Mexican drug cartels that have killed thousands of Mexicans and some of our own citizens, even one of our border agents. Ask Mr. Holder about that and when you can give us detailed explanations then maybe.

Or not.

In the fog of hot words and agendas, the real issue is cloaked so the many don't see it.

The lie - We must control and ban guns to protect the lives of others.

While gun control sounds good, especially in light of the Newtown tragedy, once you dig into the truth of the matter it becomes clear that this just isn't so.

Criminals and the mentally ill will not abide by these laws. 
So the fact that you restrict and ban guns only takes away the right to bear arms.
and leaves us defenseless to a tyrannical government.

You are living in lala land if you think we will ever get rid of guns. Not going to happen this side of heaven. 

I believe that our government is using this issue to take a swipe at our 2nd amendment right.                                                            

Why would a government want to disarm its citizens?  There is not one good reason where the citizens are concerned. 
Control is the answer.

Why does the government want control?
Not a good reason here either. When a government makes a power grab to control its subjects, it means they are up to something that will harm the citizen.

Read history. 
Hitler, Stalin, Mao, they all made power grabs to disarm the citizens.
What followed is the loss of millions of lives.

Be wise. Stop the Government from this power grab.
Our lives could very well be at stake.

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