Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ooops, I think your lie is open.

Dear Mr. President,
Yeah, I heard your screech, ugh speech. I can just picture the little children around you. Ah, what a sweet sight. And you want to protect the children. What a good idea. 

Umm, I have a question. Weren't you the state senator in Illinois that voted against protecting children born through a botched abortion. In reality ordering their deaths? Infanticide.  I bet they could have been sweet children too. In fact there are those who have survived abortion and are wonderful people. I hope you don't wish they were dead.

Sorry, but I have another troubling question to ask. You don't want criminals to get guns so you want all the law abiding citizens to be restricted and registered. Do criminals actually do things legally? Do you really think a criminal or a lunatic is going to worry about getting a gun legally?  Sounds a little ... well crazy to me.

Aw, I know - I have another question. About not selling guns to the criminals. Aren't the Mexican drug lords criminals?  Seems like they would be. I think they've even killed thousands and with guns YOU and Holder sold to them through the Fast and Furious program. Care to explain that?

I tell you, Mr. President. I am getting a little furious myself about this double speak. On one hand you come against good Americans and want to withhold their 2nd Amendment rights and the other you are willing to sell weapons to Mexican drug lords and give them to Isalmist extremists in Egypt.  Hard to figure.

Oh, I put a picture of the globe below - This is the United States of America. A Republic. With a constitution. Are you sure you're in the right country? I hear Venezuela might be looking for a despot. 

Well enough for now. And I mean I have had enough of you and your socialist ways.  So until next time.  Good bye.

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